Introducing the EcoGas 600 Series

PBA is the SF6 gas expert. We are proud to bring you an innovative range of economic and environmentally sound products that enable superior asset management of SF6 gas and switchgear.

The EcoGas600 Series offers you a uniquely integrated and complementary product suite; the first of its kind. From its compact and powerful gas cart to a fitting/filling kit, mass flow meter, database and data interface app, using the EcoGas600 Series will ensure not only compliance with stringent legislation and specification, but also deliver unrivalled asset management capability.

Couple these features with our SF6 expertise and you can be assured you are working with a range of products that is 100% backed by the industry leader.

The PBA EcoGas 600 Series - economic and environmentally sound SF6 handling.

EcoGas 600 Series from PBA - Economic and environmentally sound SF6 gas handling products

  • optimally manage and protect your assets' service life
  • comply fully with industry standards and legal requirements
  • portable, versatile, seamless, with easy to use hardware and software
  • timely, accurate, consistent and informative measurements
  • smooth data integration resulting in cost savings and timely information