EcoGas 600M   -   SF6 Mass Flow Meter

Seamlessly gather the right data with the SF6 mass flow meter

The 600M SF6 mass flow meter supports both PBA’s own 600G and other gas carts, combining several key measures in one easy-to-use digital device; generating data that aligns with various clients’ reporting specifications and increasingly stringent legal requirements.

Key features:

  • One compact, portable device measures:
    • Quantity (mass flow) out and in of each vessel (cylinder or equipment)
    • Flow rate (a requirement often not adhered to)
    • Dew point, pressure and temperature (for quality control)
  • Informative, easy to read LCD display and data input panel
  • Produces export files for upload to your asset management software for complete data integration
  • Seamless data transfer via USB enables simple download/upload from the 600M to PBA's SF6 database, the 600D, in compliance with legislation
  • Seamless integration with PBA's 600G and other gas carts

PBA EcoGas600M download brochure


PBA EcoGas 600M SF6 Mass Flow Meter