EcoGas 600G   -   SF6 Gas Cart

The small, clever and powerful SF6 gas cart

PBA's EcoGas 600G SF6 Gas Cart is the most compact, portable and versatile option available when you need to meet and exceed stringent legislation and specifications covering SF6 mangement.

Key features:

  • Despite its compact size, the 600G offers the capacity for pulling vacuum. It will comfortably achieve 50 millibar. In fact PBA's 600G will continue to pull vacuum down as low as 10 millibar!
  • Highly portable, with forklift fittings for easy loading through the side door of a van
  • Onboard scales eliminate the need for weighing individual bottles
  • Single phase power source for convenience onsite
  • Simple DIY servicing and replacement of filters reduces gas cart maintenance costs. This means no degassing of the cart is required and the cart can degas its own filter before removal to allow cartridge replacement without emission to atmosphere
  • High compression liquid storage
  • Up to 60 kg/hour capacity
  • Integrates with and supported by PBA's fitting/filling kit (600F), mass flow meter (600M) and SF6 database (600D)

EcoGas 600G SF6 Gas Cart - the small, clever and powerful SF6 Gas Cart


PBA EcoGas 600G SF6 Gas Cart