EcoGas 600D   -   SF6 Database

Create smart data with our intelligent SF6 database

It's simple, paperless and automated to record and download measurements via USB stick or your smart device (using our 600A), to our purpose built 600D SF6 database. From here examine your data from any perspective - a CEO, asset manager, EPA report or other.

Key features:

  • Record, analyse and communicate:
    • SF6 gas movements and identify leaks/losses
    • The locations of gas cylinders and the quantities of gas held in those cylinders
  • Easily track measurements over time, enabling reporting and predictive functionality
  • Provide accurate asset management information on circuit breaker gas volumes, enabling better leak management
  • Compliant with industry standards and legal requirements
  • Paperless and automated, delivering more timely and accurate reporting
  • Intelligent presentation of data, for a range of key data users, including CEO's, asset managers, and EPA reporting
  • Accessible - seamlessly integrating with PBA's 600M and also directly accessible via your smartphone or tablet using the 600A interface


PBA EcoGas 600D SF6 Database